Just Wait and See

That's right. You just well darn wait and see.

Either one or both of those two nitwitts from the other hotel just tried to mess up with me. Well, you picked the wrong girl to play tricks on.

I came down to the office yesterday afternoon (Sunday), to check my mail and download a video of our church services. I left my things in pretty orderly manner later that afternoon because I had that gut feeing that these twerps were touching my stuff. So I remembered how exactly I arranged my things, although I didn't take a picture of it, i Do remember clearly. And to hell with what I saw this morning as I stepped inside. {continue reading below}

These guys are really gonna have a full blast in their faces when they get here later today. I'm already fuming from even thinking that they had the nerve to leave a written message on top of their stuff saying "Don't Touch" when they had in fact messed with my stuff. Ooooohhh, they're really gonna have it today. Just wait and see.

I'm so pis*ed at them right now that if I don't try to calm myself down a bit, I'm really gonna say things that I'm going to regret later on. What the heck, they picked on my things. And they really crossed a vividly drawn line right there. And they're really going to know - and remember - that I'm no airhead. They tried, and they're gonna get it. Really.


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