Embers Won't Do It - You Need a Spark!

Yeah, I joined SocialSpark. SocialSpark comes from the same company as PayPerPost - Izea. It also provides several opportunities to earn from your blog. Another advantage of joining is that you can join communities that suit your interests, or better yet, build your own! And because you share ideas and posts, it can - naturally - drive traffic to your blog or website!

One thing that fascinated me as I browsed through the whole site is their Code of Ethics. Yes folks, they do have a code of ethics. Here they spread the responsibility of bloggers to follow these particular criteria:(read below...)

**100% Audit-able In-Post Disclosure** - Disclosure of details that what you have just read about was a sponsored post, to be paid for by a valid sponsor. SocialSpark provides a small snippet of code to embed in the so-called sponsored post, so that the post can comply with FTC and WOMMA guidelines and at the same time protect the blogger and the advertiser.

**100% Transparency** - very understandable. As all entrepreneurs would like, bloggers maintain a certain level of transparency which means that all sponsored posts are made viewable to the public - meaning, everyone. This is also to prevent conflicts and to let everyone know about the transactions that a certain blogger has entered into.

**100% Real Opinions**
SocialSpark itself does not restrict the blogger how he/she expresses his/her thoughts on a product or service. Of course, as experienced blog readers we sometimes have this gut feeling that there are some sponsored posts that somewhat sounds offbeat. So SocialSpark give the reader the initiative to choose which opportunities to take. If it doesn't fit, don't wear it!

**100% Search Engine Friendly** - self explanatory, right? It's search engine friendly. :)

* Marketplace - where the different opportunities to earn is located.
* Account - where you can customize the settings of your own account in the network.
* Network - were the communities are sparking up their props (sign of approval) and friendships.

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