You hit someone with your car, what would you do?

Gotcha. Yep, It's a survey. Go and answer it yourself and post it, if you like...

1. What do you think is your worst habit?
Procrastinating. I think this is also one of the top items in everybody's list.

2. Are you trying to quit/stop/refrain from doing it again?
Hmmm, not really... Hehehe.

3. If you could be anyone else in the world, who would it be?
Alice Walton

4. Why would you want to be that person?
She's the third richest woman in the world {says right here...}

5. A car is speeding out of control and person is in its path, would you sacrifice yourself to save that person? Why?
Umm, nope.
Just kidding. Well, maybe...
yes, but practicality bites at me - he/she can slow the car down a little, or maybe even put it to a halt.

6. How many serious relationships have you had?

7. You knew your boyfriend/girlfriend was cheating on you, what would you say to him/her?
"Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord."

8. Would you confront the other girl/boy?
I don't need to. She wouldn't know how to face me.

9. 50 thousand dollars is sitting in your mailbox, would you keep the money? Why?
Yep. Unless they show proof of ownership.

10. You have one month to live, what would you do or want to experience?
bungee jumping/skydiving, travel in cruise

11. What are you most attracted to by the opposite sex?
humor, brains, height, eyes

12. Would you be attracted and date someone who is a complete opposite of you? Why?
nope. 'coz that would mean he's a complete idiot.

13. You know a boy/girl who is “very” sexually active yet attractive; they ask you for a date, would you go out with them? And why?
Nope. that's suicide.

14. Your close friend decides to get a sex change, how would you react?
"What the fukc?!"

15. You hit someone with your car, what would you do?
Depends. If it's someone i hate, I'd put the car in reverse and hit him/her again, then pretend to be shocked, then bring him/her to the hospital. :) - evil!!!

16. Someone broke your heart, but asked to get back together with you, would you?
been there. done that. guess I already answered that before even being asked.

17. Can you recall an embarrassing moment? Briefly explain.
Hmm.. I slipped in front of other people?

18. Do you have a good singing voice?
when I'm alone, yeah.

19. What kind of instrument would you like to play?
i still like the guitar. i'd like to try the drums.

20. What is your favorite song ever?
don't wanna miss a thing... ;)

21. What is your favorite band/group/singer?
i don't have a favorite.

22. Who are your favorite Filipino & foreign actor and actress?
Filipino: albert martinez, christopher de leon, sharon, vilma, never nora!
Foreign: Morgan Freeman , denzel washington, angelina jolie!!!, brad, orlando bloom, hugh grant, hugh jackman, jim carey, nicole kidman, kate hudson

23. What kind of car do you drive?
i still don't have one, and i don't know how to drive.

24. If you don’t have a car, what will be the car that you will most likely purchase next?
a mini-cooper. or maybe a mazda 3.

25. What is your dream car?
a bmw top down sleek black two-seater sports car

26. Do you have your own home or live with someone?
i'm still renting a room as of press time

27. How many computers do you own? Laptop or desktop?
i used to own one, but it's kinda out of order right now.

28. How many television sets do you have?
i own one

29. What is your favorite movie ever?
hmm. i don't have a favorite anymore, i'm not what I used to be in high school. urgh.

Thanks to Lem for the list.


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