Back in Business, LOBO, & Being an OIC

Yes, as indicated in the title, I'm back in business.

I offer my apology to my subscribers for not being able to update everyone on my latest conquests - if there are actually any - and other developments. So for your fascination and my peace of mind, here are some thoughts that have been bubbling away in my semi-stressed mind.

1. LOBO's editing is not quite well-planned.

If you watch ABS-CBN's "Lobo", you probably have noticed Angel Locsin's character changing into a thing called a "wolf" (which, in the case at hand, is actually a husky from France).

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I'm not an avid fan, I just happened to stumble upon one or two episodes of LOBO and noticed something quite, ummmm, disturbing. Go ahead and watch an episode (if it's still on air) and observe Angel Locsin when she transforms into a "wolf". {Don't worry, I won't tell...} Doesn't her face crumple too much because of 'pain' or something? She also groans as if a 1-foot long knife was carefully scraping off her skin. Keep that vision in mind. Now, notice the face of the husky after Angel was "transformed". It's a smiling and very friendly-looking dog that reminds you that she's man's best friend. Hmmm. Connect the dots, please?

2. Being an OIC.

Of course, as expected, it sure does have some advantages. Perks, if you want to call it that. And it also keeps me at my toes because of the added job of overseeing other people and their work. Plus, I was given an opportunity to study again, particularly, to take the review classes for the certification exam for internal auditors scheduled this August. The company's paying for it, and I get tied to serve them for an equivalent of 7 months. Not bad, huh?

But... the thing is, there are some technicalities that I don't understand. This time, they wanted to ask the company president first if they still need a memorandum to announce my "being the OIC". The point at hand? They did not need a memo to announce the appointment of the person who I am now OIC-ing for. Crazy.

Salary adjustment? Nada. Nil. No such thing existing as of the moment. The benefit I'm receiving is what they call the "OIC Allowance". They didn't need a memo for that either.

Blackberry. Our previous "head" was issued a Blackberry. Basically, the idea is - whoever replaces her, gets to use those company gadgets issued to her while she was in position, but...but, but.... The Blackberry is currently in storage. The laptop is somewhere in the building {good thing I still have mine}, it's either with IT or the Fixed Assets Officer.

Documents that should have been endorsed? All gone in history, together with my ex-colleague. Amen.


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