Leaving for Mimosa

Just received a call from Ms Pots and I was told that we should be leaving for Manila on Sunday for the inventory count of Mimosa, which is in Clark (Pampanga).

So maybe here are the things to do for that trip:
1. File for the Travel Authorization - basic idea of this is that for a properly authorized disbursement of funds for the airfare and of course, the lovely per diem, we should file for it!
2. Prepare our things such as our laptops,pens, pencils, papers or something, our clothes (obviously!), and toiletries.
3. Prepare for the task. Meaning, I still have to familiarize myself and my staff (shucks...redface) for the impending inventory count. We wouldn't want to be a disappointment to the BigBoss and in turn be discouraged, right?

So there. That's what happened, for now. Anyway, we're finishing up reports and other things and then when we get back from Manila, we'll be preparing for another trip to go and rock the front desk.cool


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