The JOKER'S Death No Longer Being Probed

If he was a real character, then maybe they would continue.

According to Yahoo! News "Federal prosecutors have decided not to pursue a criminal case into how Heath Ledger obtained the powerful painkillers that contributed to his overdose death this year, a law enforcement official said Wednesday."

Heat died after filming his most brilliant movie ever, The Dark Knight, where he spent a month in isolation trying to figure out what to do with his character - the Joker. He did it so well that maybe it brought such a devastating psychological effect on him that he was prescribed (legally) by anti-depressants and anti-stress medications.

It was also reported earlier that Mary Kate Olsen, one of Heath's closest buds and the first person called up by the masseuse after seeing Heath's dead body, has filed for immunity on the guy's "illegal" procurement of prescription drugs. Since there is no valid case, then the notion of being subpoenaed to appear in court no longer stands.

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