Post-Holiday Tantrums

On the first day after a long week-end due to a holiday, I feel super tired even though we didn't really do much yesterday except buy materials to make our own table lamp. {Go nie, go!} Hehehe.

Anyway, we've finished that lamp already but later this morning decided that we'd like to redo the whole thing for a better shade design, which would be more to our liking than what we have come up yesterday.

I'm also supposed to be doing a lot of work today with all those deadlines and everything, remember, it's the 'Ber month next week!!! Ngrrrrh! Haven't got a solid audit rating system yet, but we'll get to that. Have no fear.

Go ahead my dear, comfort yourself....

And just a side note, saw two of our external auditors last Saturday in campus, Roy announced that he was indeed teaching, even asked me if I'd like to try it out, and apparently.... I'd rather not.


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