Waiting in Vain

I am now current irked by the thought that some if not all of the managers in our company resent the "help" that internal audit is trying to give them. We're actually here to evaluate the current system implemented in our operations, citing instances and procedures that we have found to be inefficient and/or ineffective. I am now actually, beating my brains out trying to develop an Audit Rating system for the company, and simultaneously closing up issues uncovered during regular audits while also trying not to focus on the impending problem of self-reviewing for the certification exam for internal auditors. In short, if I don't suppress it quite successfully, I'm going to break down.

Hmmm, and now this manager is prolonging my agony by not answering my email regarding an appointment I asked for to discuss issues regarding our cost control section which is basically under her wings. Aside from that, Ms Pots is being not quite endearing in her follow-ups lately after being so stressed out during our trip to Mimosa. She's a bit disgruntled by the way we were treated and received there, so let's just give her some space to unwind her brain.

Anyway, it's kinda really getting into me, that I'm right here, wasting valuable time waiting for someone who seems like she doesn't want to iron out the system that she's supposedly handling very well - if we base it on her payroll. *sigh*


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