Sony Ericsson Service Center in Ayala Center Cebu

Have you ever experienced being passed on from one service center to another?
Well if ever you'd want to have a first hand try like we did, just go to the SE Service Center in Ayala Center here in Cebu City (and also in Sun Cellular, just a few doors to the left of SE). They were just enjoying the "authority" of turning down their "beloved" customers.

So what really happened?

First. My guy's phone went berserk for the third time, I think. And it was te unit that came with a postpaid plan from Sun. A Sony Ericsson, obviously, why else would we go to a SE Service Center, right. So we went first to Sun Cellular to tell them that the phone went haywire, again, and the Mediterranean-looking guy ask us what we did the first time it was 'dead'. We told him we went to the nearest SE service center to have it checked, and then told sun about it. Hmmm.

So this guy told us, that we'll just have to do the same. Take note that he did not mention anything regarding a service unit. And at this point of the sorry story, we also didn't think about it.[Finish this post by clicking on "Read the rest of the story here..."]

Anyway, so went to SE (if you're wondering what SE stands for, that's Sony Ericssons, abbreviated, 'coz my fingers are getting tired) and told them about the situation. So they took in the phone for those diagnostic exams to determine what went wrong - technically, 'coz from out point of view it's as simple as the screen is not working. And we left.

After about 2 weeks, we realized, hmm, we needed a service unit. We're paying for the postpaid plan, without the unit that came with it. We're getting banged up by Sun. So we went back to talk to the Sun people regarding the service unit (we went first to SE and asked what happened to the phone. The geeky girl said that they're sending it to Manila for repair or possibly a replacement), only to be confronted by another tech guy (who we'll call SunGuy-A) sitting right next to the Mediterranean-looking gay - I mean guy - and told that we should have informed them first before letting the SE people take the unit.

WHAT THE Fa....?!

It seems that SunGuy-A is just trying to turn us down sounding like it's our fault for not bringing the darn unit to Sun Cellular first! At this point I stood up and went up to their table, I was getting bored and wanted a piece of the action. So as calmly as I could tell off SunGuy-A, I told him: "It seems there is a communication gap between you people and SE. In the first place, this guy (I pointed at Mediterranean-looking guy) should have first gotten a statement or held the unit here first instead of telling us to go to SE, because as brainy people that we are, we would understand such simple instructions. [Gotcha, I didn't quite phrase it that way, but the thought's like that.] My BF then said that how come Sun and other postpaid plan providers are so obnoxious in collecting delayed payments and even threatens the user when in cases like these, the don't even provide service units!

And so the next topic arose. There is a service unit, per SunGuy-A, it's just that it's not available. So we asked whether we can just temporarily cut the line, which prompted Mediterranean-looking gay to touch SunGuy-A's shoulder, gesturing him to calm down also, since at this point he looks as if he's on the verge of tears. And instead offered to go with us to SE and ask for a service unit if they have one, or at least to fast track the repair or replacement or whatever. We were nice people, so we just told them we'll go ourselves, leaving a straight point that next time, they should clarify things with their unit providers and not try to intimidate their plan holders like what they did with us. Besides, Customers are always right.

So..... I'll just leave you hanging in there for the continuation. Hahahaha!


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