Being an Evictee of my Own Room

Well, even if I don't entirely like it to be that way, I just have to be evicted from my room.

Apparently, the hotel has overbooked and confidently assumed that it will be okay with me to stay with Ms Gin [name was changed to protect her identity... kenyit] in her room. I'm a private person. I like my private life to remain private. I'd rather have myself talking to myself than spending my pre-sleep hours trying to be more than just civil with a person I'm not actually very close with. But this time, I don't have a choice. If I opt to refuse the sudden room change, they might label me as "prima dona" which I wouldn't love too much, would I? So I reluctantly said it's okay. Ms Gin's not that bad.

Have to go pack-up... Tragic.


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