New Yahoo Mail header adapts to the Time of Day

It's funny because I thought being evicted from my room was just nasty, but then again, I realized it also has a lot of upside to it.

No. 1 - I can enjoy looking at, but not touching, Ms Gin's things. Which are a lot. A lot of nicety curiosity tickling things to pore at.

NO. 2 - She has internet connection in her room. That's why I can post this darn post.

So I check my mail. One of those things that already seems mandatory and second to impulse, or involuntary, or whatever the term is supposed to be. And I find the header, if that's what it's called, of my email has turned black. At first I jacked my braincells up a bit, then I remembered Matet telling me that the new yahoomail's header (not the classic one!) changes its "look" with the weather or the time of the day where you're located at. And right now, it's black (basically because it's already night time, nitwit.). Here's how it currently looks like - notice the black part:

Anyway, go and check out your emails if you don't believe me. See the difference. Then get back to me and give me the glory. hahah! callme


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