Call to a Journal Challenge

Please leave a comment in a new post found HERE... It's a detailed comparison of a new release planner versus the all-time favorite Starbucks Planner!!!

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Excerpts from this post:

Finally, the Journal that bravely challenged the Starbucks Planner!!!!

This notorious Journal I'm talking about is This Journal will actually Change Your Life!!!TM, which we will shorten as JOURNAL for your reading convenience.

And oh, I actually do OWN one of the "This Journal will actually Change Your Life!!!TM" planners.

And just a reminder, this post was not created to uplift the JOURNAL's credibility, it's just an objective look at the features of two of the planners available in the market today.


Segment 1: PRICE

Actually, as of this post, the price of the JOURNAL is still unknown. It’s still on its pre-sale marketing stages and most likely, I'm pretty positive that it won’t cost you a thousand.

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