We are Always Put on a Spot

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What an interesting email I just received! It contained the words that can incriminate an innocent person to stay in jail for the rest of his/her life!

No, I was just joking.

The email actually contained a few issues/audit findings and unfortunately for us, who really do not know the story behind this abrupt and semi-impulsive email sent to Mr. A (again, bear with me for the anonymity thing) a few minutes ago. Aside from the issues itself, it also has quite a few more words explaining the circumstances behind the exceptions, plus some recommendations.

Now the thing with this email I'm talking about is that Ms. B sent it to Mr. A complete with the colors from the original report and a few paragraphs of her own. She said she doesn't understand why the heck (excuse me, I'm using my own words) the exceptions were present when in fact the company pays big bucks for maintenance and all. Plus the manager we should have asked about (it) basically shoved us over to his assistant, who we actually think does not know a tad about what we were talking about. And so we put that in the darn report - Mr. c did not answer our queries and turned us over to Mr. D who said he'll ask the company who supplied the thing. Well, how about that?! Nobody seems to know what's happening! Or maybe they do know, but don't want to talk about it?

The conclusion is this: we might now be on the limelight for again causing fuss over something that some other person wouldn't fuss about. Good thing was that it was not done on impulse.


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