We Have a New Home!

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Well, it's not actually a cozy homey home yet, but it will be.

We just received word the other day that our application for our house loan has just been approved. So this just means that at the age of 25, I already have my own house! Thank God! Such a blessing, don't you think? We're not planning on getting worried about where we'll get the funds for the finishing touches and the new appliances or whatnots, because I know - we both know - that everything will fall into place.

Aside from this good news, we now have some sort of a dilemma. The place where our new home is located is such a long mile away from where my fiance and I both work. Needless to say, we definitely need a ride of our own, but we don't have bundles of cash stashed around somewhere. Well, maybe not a brand new car, but something functional and presentable. I personally think it should have a sound system of some kind, but we don't think we need a whole entertainment package complete with DVDs and all. A GPS might be handy 'coz I'm not very good with directions, but it's not really a necessity.

Oh well, some options are to:
  1. Bluntly ask from our sponsors.
  2. Look for previously owned vehicles in Auto Shops.
  3. Hunt bargain buys in the online markets/sites.

Whatever we choose to do, we just believe everything will go by smoothly - if it's The Will.



  1. I know the feeling of having a new home, congratulations! i just hope you have low monthly amortizations so that if in the future you decide to move and turn that property into an investment, you could get a nice positive cashflow, assuming the rents you could get are higher than your MA. Just my 2 cents. =)

  2. @Jay Castillo:

    Well, yeah, actually the monthly amortizations are low, so just in case we decide to convert it to something that brings in income, we're still gonna have profit from it... Don't worry, I kinda understand these things... :)

    Thanks for the comment! Happy reading!


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