Visible Chat Lines Here & There

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If i remember correctly, I consciously and deliberately told my staff that I'd keep off the internet for our sakes longer than the time I would usually spend, but as evidenced by this post, I may have gone astray on that thing.

Same as with other offices and companies, and other humans, we also do a bit of chit chat every now and then to get the pressure from work off our backs, or just to remedy the routine-ness or "boredom" of office work. Although our "office work" isn't really routinary, well, most of the company employees think so.

In other words, we also spend some quality time chatting about our officemates, or our bosses, or our friends, our former classmates and/or teachers, or maybe if it's a bad hair day, then some other topic we'd like covered. Besides, nothing takes away the silence than a few minutes of healthy chat.


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