Reminiscing my BATIK Childhood

this is BATIK!
It's been a long time since I last heard the term "batik".

Batik is, for those who haven't heard of it since birth, a method of dyeing a fabric by which the parts of the fabric not intended to be dyed are covered with removable wax, a design that is created by this method or in other words the fabric dyed using this method (

The first time I heard the word "batik" was when I was about 3 years old, Dad just came back from Zamboanga and brought home a box of goodies. Among the loot were lots of chocolates (for me, of course!) and silk bathrobes, umbrellas, and this funny looking cloth with lots of colorful patterns printed on it. Mom said that was batik, and would have cost a lot if bought in the metro area. Among the batik items where sun dresses, malongs (cylindrical cloths sometimes used as traveller's blankets or even costumes in native dances!), and shawls - now the most common accessory available in the market. If I remember correctly, there were also bags, purses, and pouches in that box!

But now, we're allMALONG old and still immature (lol!), the batik industry has blossomed to incorporate the current trends and designs. They are not exclusively distributed in barter trades anymore, but also online. I even recently heard of this store, KrafOnline, that sells lovely bed covers regal enough for a princess, men's shirts which are absolutely classy, even elegant scarves for women! Maybe I'll even look around and try something on; or maybe a bag or two! :)

Anyway, it was fun reminiscing some favorite memories of my childhood, especially of those sweet chocolates and silken robes. And batik of course!

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