My Own List of Blogging Tools

my planner!
Every blogger now is a-buzzing regarding lists and posts and tools and widgets... And of course, I won't be an outcast. Here's my very own list of those too.

1. My Journal/Planner. This is the planner I got from a marketing stint here in the Philippines wherein the publisher iinside my planner, chaos!tself gave out these stylish planners October of last year.

2. Laptop. Well, actually, my laptop's really old and just about ready to rmy old laptop.. need a new one...*wink!*etire. I not only use this for blogging, but also for my day job as an internal auditor. This laptop has served me well, and maybe, just maybe any kind soul working in Sony or HP, Dell or Asus, can wholeheartedly give me a freebie. I'll blog about it for the rest of the year, I promise!

3. see the flash drives? how about the parker pen? lol!Next, My pens and thumb drives - of course for taking down notes and copying files from everywhere. Most of the contents of my thumb drives are ebooks, pictures, music files and word documents.

4. Glasses. Don't get me wrong, I can blog without my glasses, but there are just certain times of the day or week that I can't see clearly! They're really not that thick,for my astigmatism... they were just prescribed to alleviate headaches I get with too much reading. If I remember correctly, they're for astigmatism, and they're pretty old too. I got them when I was still in college, about 4 or 5 years ago. Yeah, I can't "afford" to get a new pair.

5. Tumbler. For coffee or water, drink up!whichever I like at the moment, whether hot or cold, it doesn't really matter 'coz this can hold it quite conveniently.

6. Camera phone. I own this cool Sony Ericsson W760 from another project, but I still don't have a post to brag about that yet due to a disclosure agreement. Lol! Anyway, this phone's currently my favorite 'coz I can immediately post pictures I took directly to this blog. The camera is also nice because it's already at 3.2 megapixel capacity. And did I mention it's a Walkman phone already? Cool speakers. ;)

7., Twitter, Tweetgrid and other sites. Pretty self explanatory, with all the other blogs available in the net. But to sum it all up:my SE walkman phone
  • is of course the blog platform I'm hosting The Blue Speckled Diary in. It's free, so no fuss.
  • Twitter, the micro-blogging platform where you can post links, updates and news in a 140 character space ONLY.
  • Tweetgrid is the site I use to update my twitter. It has cool features like an in-depth,built-in search mechanism which basically works like google or yahoo. You can easily re-tweet, reply and DM using tweetgrid too; and by clicking at the icon/picture of the user, you can easily go through his/her profile and follow!

So there, got my tools and tips posted. Now, any offers? *wink*

On a side note:
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  1. Looks like a really cool phone!

    And this post is tagged 31DBB, you're with Problogger's program too. (But I am a little inactive there.)

    I don't have Tweetgrid. But I have Twitterfox, so I can tweet right from my browser.

  2. @Richie,
    Yep, I'm with the Problogger's program.. Some I do, some I don't. I tried twitterfox too, and twhirl, and tweetdeck... But I find tweetgrid more useful anf fit for my needs. :)
    And yes, it's really a cool, cool phone.... *wink!*

  3. Nice list of blogging tools. I don't have the tumbler but I have my own glass. :) Thanks


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