Sometimes Ted Failon Looks like my Dad...

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I was quite intently watching the interview of Ted Failon in Bandila last night when it dawned on me - he looks a lot like my dad!

Yeah. Fortunately or unfortunately, a lot of Ted Failon's features, especially on this photo and in the interview video, are similar to my dad's. Hmmmm. Were they separated at birth? Nah, I don't think so.

Anyway, isn't it tragic? The thing that happened to his wife? There a lot of speculations and a lot of fuss about it since last night. Even the rival news program has their own report, a longer and more detailed one at that!

But for those who missed a lot of the news programs last night, here's a link to the latest web buzz for your quick reference:

ABS-CBN Website - Failon Says Financial Woes behind Wife's Suicide Attempt - Ted Failon Arrested

ABS-CBN Website - Vital Signs of Ted Failon's Wife are Unstable

And just a quick update: Ted Failon's paraffin test resulted negative according to the news.

On a side note:
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