Free Copies of the Twilight Saga Ebooks!

I've recently launched a campaign to "educate" everybody about the most talked about vampire movie in Hollywood history - Twilight! And to be able to understand what we're talking about, I'm going to give away copies of the Twilight saga in pdf format, in other words, free ebooks!

Here are the three easy steps:

STEP 1: Re-tweet this message:

RT @BrazenLass is giving away ebook copies of the Twilight Saga. Go to find out how to get your copy!

Follow @BrazenLass in Twitter by clicking on the "follow" button right under my profile picture in my twitter profile page. - This is so I can see clearly who re-tweeted the message in STEP 1. lol!

STEP 3: Subscribe to The Blue Speckled Diary Email Updates, see the link just before this post ends, so you can get the updates in my diary (blog). And once you've done all three steps, it's heaven from here. I'll send all five, not four, but 5 Twilight Saga ebooks to your email (The email address you used in the Email Confirmation in the subscription verification window - the one you'll see after doing step 3)...

me (direct message) via twitter stating the email address you used to subscribe to The Blue Speckled Diary so I can match everything and start sending the ebooks!

No sweat, no tears, no payments, no fees!

On a side note:
Don't forget to Bookmark or Share this to your friends and family, or subscribe to The Blue Speckled Diary by Email for free updates!

PS: For my "already subscribing" friends, don't fret, you'd still get free copies of the ebooks. Just do steps 1, 2 & 4 and I'll take care of the rest. ;)


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