Top 5 Mistakes Travelers Make

It's no surprise that during long weekends and holidays, people go on vacation - out of town or out of the country, on a plane, bus or boat. But time and time again, travelers do these Top 5 Mistakes.

  • Packing too much. Many times, people who travel - like me - just brings too many things with them resulting in a back-breaking trunk that we end up despising. We bring too many clothes thinking that we need all of it, too many shoes, to match the clothes of course, and sometimes, too many unnecessary things like magazines to "pass the time" while traveling, too many accessories (why do you need to many when you're just sitting there on the plane or in the bus?).
  • Packing too little. Yes. Packing too little. This results from over-thinking and generally over-reacting to number 1 up there. Here the mistake is that we brought too little shirts when we knew out trip was going to make up all sweaty and sticky; too little underwear (eeewww!) when we knew we really had to bring enough; too little food for the long long trip, or too little water when it's hot, too little tissue to wipe up off after all the food and water, or too little cash, when we actually knew that the place does not accept credit cards!
  • Not Planning everything. Of course! An unplanned travel can bring disasters, wrinkles and stress instead of relaxation and rest. Too little planning or no planning at all can make your trip a living hell. Imagine, not having your car checked or tuned-up, not bringing a map or activating your GPS, not having hotel or inn reservations (what the...?), not really knowing what to do when you get there, or how much of your savings you're willing to blow off for this trip.
  • Bringing the wrong people. Couldn't be emphasized more than needed - you also have to know who to bring with you. If you're married and have children and the trip is a familiy affair, then don't fuss. Of course you have to bring everybody. But if you're single and this trip was for a bonding moment for you and your clique, be careful because some friends might think you're also gonna like their friends who you'll meet for the first time ever because they thought they'd tag them along! Sometimes the crowd you're with can be the deciding factor on how to describe your holiday vacation. ;)
  • Going to the Wrong Place. Yeah. Wrong things, wrong crowd, wrong budget, wrong place. terrible. You were thinking it was a haven for solemn and peaceful recollection, and you find out it's a crappy rathole. Hmmm. Better do some research first and also monitor from word of mouth which places match your plans and goals for the trip. Make sure it's safe too and within your budget!
To put it bluntly - plan, plan, plan. And talk to other friends and family who have tried traveling already, especially if you're planning on going on an adventure. Just to make sure you don't blow your top! Enjoy your vacations every one, and have a solemn and safe Holy Week.

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