Cute Brutes at MyBrute.Com

Because of Tweetgrid, I stumbled upon Batang Yagit's tweet about his "brute" and about settling things in the arena, online "suntukan" or fistfight, I decided to follow the link...

Surprise! These cutesy little avatars appeared before me, and a word blinked arrogantly - "challenge". Hmmmm.. Let me see.

So I created my "brute" of course, I used my name cathy-laine. my brute!I didn't customize her anymore, she's cute already!

After that I fought 6 fights, and now cathy-laine's resting. But it doesn't end there! I have become a brute master by accepting pupils and you can too! How?

First, you have to challenge me to a fight. Better win, it's more fun that way.

Next, protect your brute with a password, so no one else can use your cute brute.

Finally, ENJOY and promote your brute to get pupils by the hundreds!

And oh, this is not an affiliate program of any type, it's just one heck of a cute game! :)my Dojo!

Again, challenge my brute first, find her here at!

On a side note:
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  1. All i have to say is if you want a powerful brute

    with a bear or a wolf.

    Pupil me

    Guarantee to get a bear or a wolf, sometimes both.

    If not , I'll give you a brute with one. And I am

    still undefeated, try to beat me.


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