Barely 70+ days to the Big Day

Crap. It's soooo near!

Barely 75 or so more days and I'm finally be a missus. *Giddy*

Anyway, I'm in Davao City right now, in an unconnected business trip to audit one of our auditables. You raising your eyebrow yet? Lol!

Okay, without too much beating around the bush, here are some updates to my wedding preparations. We have chosen the shop that'll do my dress and all the lady entourage's dresses. And the boutique owner has also given us with a fabulous discount! Yey!

... but before you get carried away, let me announce that I have - again - made a separate blog dedicated to all the wedding prep and maybe some other gory details... harhar!

Hear ye, hear ye... The rest of this post can be found in Tom & Cathy - This is OUR Day...

Thanks for the support, go ahead and quench your curiosity.
Go to Tom & Cathy - This is OUR Day...

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  1. ei kats- dont know if you could use this this far in, pero anyway:



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