I Can Hate Someone Without Meeting Them

Hoorah. Another rant coming up.

Yes, I can do what the title says! I can hate someone without even having met them. How? By the impression they make on me. Like the case below.

BF checks his social networking account (a.k.a. Friendster) and reads aloud one photo comment from where I'd hate THAT person for the rest of my life.

He goes on to say that the comment reads: "Kinsa man na imong ka-kiss? Mura lagi nag bayot?!"

In English, that translates to: "Who are you kissing? That looks like a gay guy!"

F8ck. I mean f*ck. From that moment on, I started hating the guy - yes he's a he. By the way, he was talking about this pic:

Just waiting for the moment to finally meet him and say straight to his face:
"Are you gay? 'Coz you obviously seem pretty familiar with gay profiles."

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