Is Kitchie Nadal a Snob?

I just keep on noticing that in all her TV appearances, every time hosts ask her questions about how she's doing or anything about future gigs or something, she sort of looks like a zombie being ambush-interviewed! She also doesn't even pretend to appear happy or energetic or at the very least even appreciate that the TV show even invited her to be a guest performer. What a waste. I know a lot of people out there are fans of Kitchie Nadal, but has it ever occurred to you - Does she even like what she's doing? Because if she did, she might as well show people that she does! Right?

I just posted that to let it out, I just can't stand it anymore! Ugh!

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  1. hello brazenlass :) i was able to be dropped right here after following you on your twitter account ;) hope you don't mind me posting.

    with regards to what you have posted, i do believe that everybody is entitled to his/her own opinion :) i really don't have nothing against what you have posted, nor am i defending kitchie nadal but honestly we should always kept in mind that people will be people and nobody would be able to please everybody. kitchie has a very warmth, people loving, shy-type persona. you maybe looking at her in front of the stage like a snob but honestly a good person inside and out. perhaps we really have to know the other person first, or better yet know ourselves first right before we look through the personality of the other person that does not satisfy us. thank you. have a great day ahead and God bless you :)


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