Michael Jackson Direct from TV

oh my, I think I've seen too many news and tributes to Michael Jackson to last me for more than a year!

Maybe it's because we do not have cable channels or access to just the channels we want. I was even thinking of asking for quotations from a direct tv channel provider like directsattv.com - they offer several packages which includes, thank God, family channels with parental controls and programming suitable for all ages.

What I really liked about directsattv is that all their channels are of digital quality and when the lines are out, your TV won't be useless. We all experienced this before - when electricity lines are out in the part of the city where the cable office is at, our cable channels are gone! Well in directsattv, they claim we won't have this problem.

But I'd always opt for a package where I can watch UFC. lol!

On a side note:
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