Monday, September 14, 2009

Sher & Petro

I'm still not over this you guys. See? I'm even making you the title of my post!

Heck yeah. I was so blown over by shock by the photos that slowly nicked at the corner of my eye. Caught my attention and curiosity, I even thought you guys were joking! Just couldn't and wouldn't have thought of the unlikely unity of these two independent minds. Like.... who would have even thought about it? Oh well, maybe your other close friends who knew historical details of some sort. But for the common folks like myself?! Lol! I'm still in shock! Not that I don't like you two being together or anything - I absolutely favor it. It's just that it wouldn't have crossed my mind unless somebody would have deliberately suggested it.

This is now my unforgettable unnecessary information for the time-being...even overshadowed my own wedding! lol!

Anyways, see both of you soon.. Somewhere, anywhere... :)

On a side note:
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