Lesser Facebook Friends in Live Feed!

That was why my readership from my facebook friends has slowly dwindled! Facebook has made updates with their system and this is what happened:

The new facebook setup has limited the number of friends's newsfeeds to where your updates are published to a default of 250; meaning, if you have 1,000 friends, your updates will only be published in the newsfeeds of just 250 of them! Imagine! (This is also why Mafia Wars jobs have slow response, and even adoption of farmville animals... lol!)

So to remedy this, go to your home/newsfeed. Then look at the very bottom part, there's a blue bar with Edit Options at the right area: (click image to enlarge)

Click on that Edit Options thing and this will pop-out:

Change the Maximum number of friends in Live Feed into your actual number of friends or even more.

Got it?



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