Farmville Friend Fertilizers & Dairy Farms

Have you noticed the updates on Farmville? Try visiting a neighbors farm and you'll see these icons at the bottom left of your farmville window, these are the fertilizers. You get them by helping out friends  in their farms performing missions like pulling out weeds, shooing away foxes and birds, etc.. those kinds of missions that just pop out of nowehere. And apparently, you do not get the fertilizers if you go directly to a neighbor's farm to help out. Currently, I ran out of these fertilizers, so I just borrowed these pics from lightchan.

You would normally receive about 5 of these fertilizer bags which you can use to add "sparkle" to your friends' crops. You would later notice that fertilized crops have the sparkles on them. Just like these berries, pic taken from Carla's farm. (click on the image to enlarge)

And when the crops are ready for harvest, you would see the difference in size as compared to the crops that were not fertilized, see the pic of my farm and notice the difference between the corn kernels.  :)

Also, once you harvest the sparkly crops, you'll notice that you earn 1XP point for each plot, in addition to the selling price and master points.

And oh, if you have a lot of cows, I'd advise you get dairy farms and milking those cows will be as fast as two clicks. Or something.  :)

One dairy farm can house 20 cows, all you have to do is click on a cow, select move, and move it into the dairy farm, and then wait for harvest! I mean, milking time...

I hope Farmville develops a shearing farm or something for the sheep and a milking station for the goats too.

And if we're not neighbors yet, just, add me...  :)

Got a farm?
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