I am Free. I can Express.

I started this blog in February of 2007 with this post just lurking around, discovering it because I was searching the net for added means of income that I can do without explicitly selling things, or starting auctions, or all these. The web was abuzz with SEO, Search Engine Optimization; search engine results came up with "Blogging: Make money at home" or "The Easiest Way to Make Money Online" and things like that. And so I tried it out.

Several months later, I was still excited about it, trying out most, but definitely not all, of online advise regarding online branding and marketing, until such time that I can google my own name without landing on the PRC's CPA Board Exam Results. Someone said I have been successful with my personal branding because I can search for my own name.

It has been, what, more than 2 years and all I have is an erratic number of subscribers! It's a bit frustrating because what I wanted was to write things that are both informative and amusing, and worth reading by thousands and thousands of people. But hell no. I can't see the turn out I was dreaming of from the very beginning.

I wanted to be known as the CPA who blogs and earns as much as she does from "normal" work. I wanted my blog to pull readers to itself because of its content, its insight, its writing style, or even how amusing and freakishly easy I make blogging to appear.

But. Maybe all I can do is look at my blog stats, sigh, and pray to God that He makes it survive for the next years.

Or say crap. And pray I don't get tired.

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