Need Farmville Help?

Just in! The latest version of Farmville Magic Tools (v1.4) can now be downloaded HERE.

A lot of us, and I do emphasize the words A LOT, play farmville in facebook and somehow we always try to find ways on how to level up easier and faster.

Aside from the already published hacks and tricks and cheats, like using cheat engine and trying to understand gibberish on how to tweak your browser codes just to make harvesting easier, there are still those good souls who chose to develop applications or bots which are more easy to use and won't cost you anything.

Just like what I'm using now - Farmville Magic Tool. Sorry I just forgot where I downloaded it from, but to make all your lives easier, I've uploaded my copy so you can use it too. It's a .zip file so you have to extract it first.

You can click on the image to enlarge it or just adjust your vision to finish reading my post... *giggles*

Farmville Magic Tools has an actual tab for instructions, and bot where you click on what to do. Just take note that, for the bot to recognize your farm, make sure that the small area where the tabs for Free Gifts, Neighbors, etc. is visible before dragging that cow into the game window.

I also included another of these clickers in my files so you can have a choice between the two. But I'm currently using Farmville Magic Tools, not that you'd prefer what I'm using, right?

So here are the links again, just in case you missed them.

I hope this made your Farmville life a little easier. And oh, add me as a neighbor. *wink wink*

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