Martial Law Madness!

3 Days and counting. Too much buzz over that famous Martial law declaration in Maguindanao. I'm getting bored with it already. What's new? They called in a recess - they're not having a session today. Sige go. Matapos n'yo kaya yan or mauuna yung 60 days? Hay nako... [Go ahead. Will you finish that or the 60-day implementation time frame with end first? *Sigh*]

Note: Bear with me on the translations. lol!

Anyway. I just happened to see this floating around in my tweetdeck thingy through @kingdelrosario, my high school friend I referred to in this post, and it said,
"Twit tweets from Professional Heckler. Funny."...
 And as curious as my braincells can go, I immediately clicked on the link and this is what came out.

Okay, I'd have to re-direct you to his page, 'coz I don't want to be cited for stealing content via copy-paste!

Did you enjoy it? It was really amusing and fascinating how he could have thought about that kind of thing. He must have so much time to spare! lol!

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