I Think We Need a Rack!

So far we've managed to scrimp a bit to be able to buy that really nice dining set that's now sitting on our dining area (not so much of a room yet, we haven't gotten to the renovation stage...), still we have those dozens and dozens of books and other literature lying around, crowding our headboard.

It's a welcome site, reminding us of how far we've gone so far in our careers, due to the volume of review books displayed, most of which are not are own but borrowed from kind souls, but we also have a bit of a collection of other reading materials like Bob Ong's creations, Toastmasters' magazines, even Reader's Digest volumes, but, no decent magazine rack nor literature organizer to put them in.

Hmm... lurked around the net and I think this would be a very lovely piece to put by the tv rack/table.

What do you think?

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