A Clear Wireless Internet New Year

Thank you so much to all those who pass by and take time reading this blog, to all my subscribers, my twitter friends and facebook friends - Happy New Year to all of you!

It's quite a wireless new year for us here in Maria Luisa, the subdivision of one of the sisters-in-law. Thank you to the neighbor who has turned on their very clear wireless internet connection without asking for a password. ;)

I have noticed having problems lately connecting to a wi-fi network, especially networks with passwords. And as miserable as I can get, I just sigh out my frustrations over this failed wireless network connections. Plus, I'm also on a wireless connection from my parents who are somewhere in the provinces.

{Sorry for not being with you this year Dad and Mom, aside from financial restraints, I'm also trying to shoo away fears of election violence occurring within 1 mile from where I may be standing.}

Anyway, thanks to technology, I can connect to my family over there, and to all my friends and "family" in the internet.

Again, a blessed new year to all and may God shower us with more blessings so we can be more thankful.  :)

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  1. Anyone use this service? The offer to give a $300 Visa gift card when you sign up for Clear.



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