10-10-10 and that Strong Kick!

What a historic date!

Of course, this day won't come by in the nearest future, so that was pretty special already. Plus a friend of ours delivered her baby boy via cesarean on that date too, at 10 o'clock. Imagine. Congratulations Val & Tonton, welcome to Sean Khaleb!

And of course, we also have something to remember 10-10-10 by! Last night, while we were already lying in bed, talking a bit, waiting for sleepiness to knock us off, Tom asked why in the world I was giggling even though what he was saying wasn't at all funny. So I told him - it's because the baby's moving too much! Night time is when this baby particularly likes to do somersaults and flips or just let us know that it kicks and flails its arms around. So I took Tom's hand and placed it over the spot where he can probably feel the movements, and he talked to the tummy and said, "Strong kick daw beh?"

And so we waited for about a few seconds, and the baby suddenly gave one hard kick! I was laughing and Tom was shouting "Waaahhahaha! It kicked! Kusuga uy!"

Hmm, what do you know, a very obedient baby while still in the womb! I was so proud... Lol!

Anyway, we still have no idea what the gender is, but we have scheduled ourselves to finally have an ultrasound on Saturday, perhaps after our check-up with Doc Cyd.



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