Bill passed for Longer Maternity Leaves, plus benefits!

Oh how I would love for this to become a law!

The bill, House Bill 2583, was filed by Rep. Winston Castelo citing that maternity leaves for working women should be extended to 84 days for normal deliveries and 100 days for caesarian deliveries. Included is the provision for members of the Social Security System (or SSS) and Government Security Insurance System (or GSIS) shall be paid a daily maternity benefit equivalent to 150 percent of her present basic salary, allowances and other benefits or its cash equivalent for 84 calendar days, for 100 days for high-risk pregnancies.

Also under the bill is that SSS or GSIS should immediately reimburse the 100% maternity benefits advanced by the employer to their pregnant employees. I think currently, they reimburse 50% prior or upon delivery, and the other 50% after delivery. Included in the time frame of course is the tedious paper trail you need to make just to process these reimbursements.

Currently, law provides for 60 days maternity leave for normal deliveries and 78 days for caesarian deliveries. For more details on the outstanding law on maternity benefits, go to this page. For the article on the new bill filed, go here.



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