What's in my Diaper Bag?!

I'm actually due on February 12, but we're really just waiting for labor pains right now since Doc Cyd told us during our last check-up that Phoenix's head is already engaged so we just prepared the diaper bag we're ready to haul over to the hospital just in case it happens (labor!) all of a sudden.

I didn't think I needed to take pictures, so bad of me, since actual pictures of the contents of the diaper bag and the bag itself can help you visualize it more.

Anyway, I'll just enumerate them so you, whether you're the one pregnant or a friend, or a sister, or maybe even your mother, would have an idea what to bring to the hospital for the big day!

  • Diapers. lots of them. Because newborns will pee and poop almost every hour after birth. It's sorta their cleansing thing. So bring lots and lots of diapers since hospitals here in the Philippines might provide only 2-3 pieces for your baby.
  • Hooded towel or a hooded receiving blanket. I'd like to believe the baby would like a comfy and warm blanket with a hood so his/her head will not be cold too.
  • Soft blanket/covered mat for the baby to lie on.
  • Wet wipes and cotton balls. To clean up that chubby butt after pooing or peeing.
  • 70% Ethyl alcohol. Maybe to disinfect the chord stump or something, it's the nurses that ask for this though.
  • Cotton buds/ear buds. This too, the nurses will ask for this, together with the,
  • Baby wash. Because they will give your baby a bath before giving him/her to you.
  • Baby clothes. Be sure to bring those white cotton newborn baby clothes and some others of your choice. Something he/she will be comfortable in. Make sure they're not so thick, so the baby won't be soaked in sweat.
  • Socks, mitts, cap. For protection and comfort. Make sure you've removed the stray threads, just bring scissors with you so you can trim them off just to make sure.
  • Wash cloths, bibs, burping cloths. Of course, for wiping off milk for the chin or cheeks, protection for burping or from accidental spills/vomiting.
Well, basically, those are the essential things to bring to the hospital for THE big day. Don't forget mom, you have to pack a bag of your own too. Don't forget to bring extra undies, sanitary napkins or adult diapers (whichever you prefer, I'm bringing napkins with me), comb, toiletries like a toothbrush, deodorant, perfume/cologne, toothpaste, soap and/or shampoo (it's a hospital, so better be ready than sorry), change of clothes - those that are comfortable for during and after labor and birth (Tom and I suggest for moms planning to breastfeed, bring something with buttons so the baby can have easy access to milk) and also clothes for going home.

Don't forget to bring slippers too, include socks if you're the type who gets cold easily. For walking around during labor and also while you're inside the room after birth and for going home. You should even bring a towel or washcloth for of course, freshening up. You can also bring extra pillows and blankets for you to be comfortable after giving birth, and also for your husband or partner or guardian - whoever's going to be with you - to use at night or while waiting for the baby to be brought to you inside the room.

**Anyway, here's a photo of some of the stuff we've gotten from Ate Jovie, I've packed most of them into my diaper bag, except for the pump. I'll have to remember to bring that.


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