Frustrations of a Frustrated Artist

There are sooooo many things I have always wanted to do since I was small. One of which is to sketch something beautifully recognizable on a blank sheet of paper with a pen or pencil. Some said all you have to do is to concentrate, relax, let it flow and let go of your hand. And the results of which turns out to be a few pesky doodles even Sponge Bob looks more decent!

Next to that is to paint a really amazing portrait or scenery or whatever. All I come up with is an abstract that can't be clearly categorized. Haha!

I also wanted to play the piano. It was actually a good thing we have guitar lessons during high school, otherwise I'd be totally illiterate with any musical instrument. Which now reminds me and makes me nore frustrated that it has been years - literally - since I last played the guitar. Hmmm.

So these may be the reasons why I just write. Or type. This turns out to be my most convenient outlet for my "artistic" inclinations. Still, I have to satisfy some of my plans or goals with my writing 'coz I think I'm starting to rust a little. Particularly, I wanted to be a published writer - of a novel and a textbook... but I'm kinda losing my edge, especially since I seldom practise my "wit" nowadays since Phoenix might hear me. Nonetheless, at least I still have this blog and a few facebook pages I maintain which sparks a few crazy ideas every now and then... :)

But i still want to sketch something great one of these days...


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