Oily, Super Oily Skin!

I have super, super oily skin. It's not just the t-zone anymore because sometimes, even my cheeks and jawline are oily. Just imagine, an hour or so from applying very minimal makeup, my t-zone's already shiny as an oiled frying pan. And I'm not just an oily face, i have acne-scarred cheeks, and still get pimples on my chin and jawline. Like right now, I have these pesky ones on my chin.
(Take a look at that photo: left sheet is the unused one.)

Been on the net hunting for the right products, but take note, just the cheaper drugstore ones that are easily available in the groceries, department stores or drugstores. Haven't found the perfect ones for me yet, but at least I have ones that I go back to, kinda like hg but not so.

Can anyone suggest anything? :) leave comments...

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