Shawill ColorStay Mineral Foundation

Started using this new mineral foundation I found in Shopwise - Shawill ColorStay Mineral Foundation. Bought it for Php288, just Php11 cheaper than Maybelline Clear Smooth Extra Shine Free Powder Foundation, which was priced at Php299. I bought because I've already finished my Maybelline, after so long - I've been using it on and off.

So it's Php288 for 16grams of mineral foundation claiming to be lightweight and natural. So I'd presume it's going to be of sheer to light coverage. I'm shade 006 by the way, been using Natural with Maybelline Clear Smooth Extra blah blah, name's too long and I'm lazy. :)

Here's how the plastic jar looks. Sorry I already threw away the box. Haha. 

You have to twist the upper part to sort of "reveal" the brush, which is a little rough by the way, you might get red patches from application. So be gentle, or use a different brush altogether.

The holes where the powder should come out were covered by this thing, which I should have not removed entirely so the powder will just be dispensed little by little, but of course, only realized that after! Amazing to see such cover on a cheaper product compared to the pricier ones that use stickers as cover.

Packaging sticker underneath. Shade 006.

Claims up to 16 hours of wear. Let's see about that because as I've mentioned before, my face is a walking frying pan.

Here's the first shot after application. Of course, skin's not good. I have scars and bumps and pimples. Coverage is sheer and light. Feels light and it doesn't have an annoying smell. A little powdery smell but very negligible.

Used Maybelline Clear Smooth Aqua gel Foundation in Natural as concealer. Yes, it's discontinued already. That means, this is old stuff already.

Missha lipstick which I got from an aunt as pasalubong. :)

And Ever Bilena Matte Eyeshadow Duos in London for eyebrows. That weird angled eyeliner brush with white handle is actually a Nichido, but I cut it short so it can fit in there. So sue me for being resourceful. :)

And after 30 minutes, my face looks like this:

A hint of shine in the nose area there. See? I'm a walking oil resource. :p  It sort of oxidized a bit, meaning it blended a little more and turned a teeny weeny bit darker than immediately after putting it on, but at least it still matches my neck!


At about 9:15am, about 2 hours since I put the mineral foundation on, I took a look at how my oil mine is doing. And voila! Oily! There goes the claim for 16-hour wear and non-oil.

The next photo is taken at about 1:17pm, no blotting since this morning, and no touch ups yet.

Anyway, for those that are wondering why I'm posting this... Eh bakit ba? This is my blog! Joke. No really, I get fascinated reading blog posts like these so I just tried it out myself to see if anyone is reading my blog. 

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