Happy Thoughts!

Hello everybody I'm back from my trip to Iloilo... :)
Thank you to the Iloilo chapter of PICPA (philippine institute of certified public accountants) for hosting such a big event - th 61 Annual National Convention. Thank you for the preparations you've made for everybody, although I'd really have to say that we guys have never ever mastered the art of being on time, though we can clearly predict that every session starts at about an hour behind schedule, still, that's bad enough.

But the speakers are really good, especially Mr Huang of PAL. I really like how he delivered his speech, he was quite the entertainer and really a true blue Super CFO. I admire him, but not his weight.. hehe!

Ok, so happy thoughts list then:

- that wonderful experience of going to Iloilo, although the airport experience was bad, they do manual baggage checks.. duh...

- great company, Hannah of WAH, Cristine of WPI, and Ms Precy of WPI.

- great money-budgeting technique for me - don't buy anything!!! (well, at least not for somebody else...hehehe!)

- thanks to the person who kept me entertained thru text messaging... :)

- ummm, something happened while we were there, and due to the sensibility of the topic, i won't divulge any details. but it was one heck of an experience!

- I learned something, Ms Precy's own words actually, and later on confirmed by my sexy friend Gracie - whew! which was really cool and uplifting and generally inspiring... thanks a lot for keeping the info to yourself for quite some time now! Hahaha! Just kidding... :)

- safe trips going to Iloilo and coming back here in Cebu

- saw a batchmate from high school. He still looks good... :)

- new insights and learnings from the technical sessions; a chance to meet other CPAs, and an announcement that the next National Convention is to be held in Baguio City!!! YEY!!! I love traveling (although it pains me to pack and unpack and later do the laundry... hehehe!) I just hope I already have a digital camera by that time...

- i already had my breakfast.. :)

- i woke up a little early today, had enough time to read my bible and pray and prepare for work

- it's cloudy outside, but not quite; just enough to say that it might rain anytime... i love it when it rains, the breeze is cool and the surroundings seem a little romantic - nice time to walk and kiss in the rain... haha! I wish...

- Ms universe is to be aired today in a local tv station, think i'll just catch the rerun tonight...

- it's really darn cold in my office!!!

- that's it for now... :)

Smile! ;)


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