Think of Happy Thoughts

Here's my incomplete list of happy thoughts for the day, 'coz as what a dear friend keeps on saying, "Just think of happy thoughts Cath!"...

At my own home:
- i have my own tv
- i have my privacy
- i have my own things
- there are memories either to be cherished or left unremembered

Just think of happy thoughts!

- i'm hoping i can move somewhere else by October
- i enjoy the peace and solitude that my room brings
- i can post anything on the walls for me to read and nobody would care!

On Friends:
- # friends in my friendster account has reached 114
- i have made new friends in the past 2 weeks
- i've spent quality time with my barkada - both from college and hi-skul
- people who a certain person thinks i don't interact very well with are now my friends and i can freely say, it's all good... :)
- i'm looking forward to spending time with my barkadas again, at least before the end of june
- i've re-established contact with some long lost friends located all over the country, just for the heck of it...
- i now feel important and somehow loved because of the support, care and concern shown by the friends I chose to be distant with during the course of a now null relationship
- acquaintances i just used to be close with in terms of sms are now, although not all the time, laag partners
- re-established contact with my cousin, hehe!
- i'm helping a friend by lending her a book she needs for her masters

In the Office:
- i also made other friends here, talked to more people than I used to
- i have internet connection! yey!
- i'm a little excited over something
- i helped some friends/officemates with their online problems
- i have a post approved my a sponsor, so I now have $5 in my paypal account, hehe!
- i'm honing my writing skills
- i can manage to look for part time or free-lance work while working here

On Family:
- politicians that my dad supported, won
- my brother's doing well, altho he doesn't really think he needs to go back to school right away
- my grandmom's going nuts...
- my grandpa's, hmmm, i don't know!
- my aunt in Antipolo said if I needed anything, I should tell her (can I ask for a new phone? - hehe!)
- my mom is busy, but she's ok... i think being busy helps her to mellow down a little.. hehe!
- our house, well, still stands.. :)

Okay... I think I have enough happy thoughts for now... :)
Hope I can stay happy for a while longer... :)


  1. And after reading this entry, I found myself smiling.

    Tonggratulatiens. =)


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