Insomnia Strikes

I was a bit annoyed last night because I had insomnia visits. I just couldn't sleep. I think it was about 2am when I finally was able to block out all thoughts and just dive into the blackness of my eyelid... hehe!

The next day was a knocker. I just had to wake up and pull myself out of bed because I had to go to work! If only I can just go away for a while, maybe by myself and really have time to think and talk to myself and be alone, far away from my life and memories and what-have-you's of my world, with no one to bug me or no thought to annoy me... hmmmm... dreamers dream - that's what they do.

Anyway... I'm in the office right now, I feel a little terrible because of lack of sleep but nothing that a can of soda can't handle. I finished a can of Pepsi at lunch and I'm thinking I'd like another one, but that would mean that my blood sugar would be on it's career high for the month. I have been drinking soda yesterday, I actually finished 1 liter before and after doing my laundry... Hmmm. The lovely effects of trying to evade evil thoughts. :)

So here I am again, trying to tire and retire a few million brain cells by writing. I was contemplating yesterday while staring at the tv and drinking coke, that I can go back to my old hobbies - sketching and writing. I used to have this sketchpad where I doodle every now and then, sketch cartoon characters for amusement, collection or even as gifts to friends (I once sketched my friend's face and gave it to her as a birthday gift...). I even had sketches of landscapes and some views of the street from our dormitory's 5th floor fire exit.

Or I can continue writing. I already started a story before, think I had planned some annoying twists and turns already, and then I got pre-occupied by God knows what, and lost the darn draft. I can't seem to remember where I placed it, think I might have thrown it out.

Or I can continue my passion for reading. I used to save money so I can buy these paperback copies of novels by John Grisham, Sydney Sheldon, Robert Ludlum, and a few romance novels, I just forgot who the authors were. I wasn't very fond of Michael Crichton nor Danielle Steel anyway. I can save again, buy a few more paperbacks and restart my collection. I already have quite a few in our home in the province. Hopefully, they're still alive and were not yet infested by termites. :)

What else? Cross stitching? Goodness! I'd be killing my eyes in no time!

I just caught a glimpse of a good looking guy outside my office. Hehe. Funny. :)


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