Shrek, Update!!!

Shrek is hilarious, but I'd rather say it was not as enjoyable as the first Shrek release.

A friend and I watched Shrek 3 yesterday afternoon, and we enjoyed it. It was kind of a break from everyday realities and just feeling free to be kids again - besides, we were kids at heart.

After watching, my friend invited me to their apartment. There I saw how they managed to fit into one house - there were 9 of them! As I was looking around, I was imagining if I can do the same, share one house with 8 other people and not have enough privacy in my own home. I couldn't do it... Hehe, sorry... (no offense though...) :)

Okay, so let's go back to Shrek 3. There were no catchy new tunes or songs in this release, but there were other characters like the other princesses, and I found Snow White rather annoying. She was so "maarte"... And there was also Sleeping Beauty, who we though was Beauty of Beauty and the Beast until a little later in the movie when she just kept on falling asleep. Then there was Rapunzel, who just wore a wig, and Cinderella, who appeared really air-heady... Stupid in other words...

What I liked most was the cute little ogres near the end of the movie. If I can just find stuffed toys like those, I'd definitely buy myself one. I'll buy them myself because now, no one's gonna give them to me... hehe, I'm single, remember?

What I'm looking forward to right now is the release of the Pirates of the Carribean sequel... I hope I'd have enough money to go and splurge on another movie... :)


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