Incense Anyone?

As I opened my email this morning, I got curious by one email from a sponsor... Hmmm, a task for me? Cool...

So I clicked on the link and I was greeted by this website were you can buy incense, aromatherapy crystals, incense holders and perfume oils online. Then I remember something - our very own home. I used to buy big packs of incense for my mom. She believes in Feng Shui and some other beliefs from the Chinese and so she lights an incense every day, especially during Christmas and New Year.

The site,, features the above products, with their prices and shipping and delivery terms. It is supported by Yahoo! Shopping, and you can pay online thru your Visa and MasterCards. If in some circumstances, you decide you need to return your goods, then they also have provided an address and contact numbers where you can send your inquiries regarding return and exchange policies. You can also join their mailing list so that you can be updated every time there's a new product or a change in price. And the best thing is, you can actually get some free samples!

So if you're actually like my mom or you're just having fun with aromas of incense, crystals, and perfume oils, then I suggest you visit and have a look around and start shopping!


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