UGH! My Head Hurts Like...

It's being pounded on by mallets. Ouch.

When I woke up this morning it was just this annoying pulling feeling in my head, but as the morning progressed, it turned out to be a full blown headache. I wish I can go on leave for the rest of the day... huhuhu... :(

It's either I had super little sleep or maybe because I got to doze off just about 7pm and was unexpectedly woken up by my annoying landlord who just arrived bustling thru the hall and stupidly knocking on my already half-open door. I can't believe this! I dozed off while watching a kid's gag show, and as I was drifting of to Slumberland, I was fitfully awoken by my darn landlord. Maybe this contributed to my now, infuriating headache. Ugh.

After frowning at my landlord so that he'd immediately leave me alone, I went back to bed and closed the door, doubled
my lock also. I struggled to get back to sleep, my eyes were heavy but not heavy enough that I could just fall asleep again. I waited and waited for me to just drift off to wherever it is in Dreamland, but I failed. I just watched reruns of the Pirates of the Carribean and Matrix from our local tv stations. And another annoying thing is, the reruns were not even that good because they cut off some of the good parts so that the whole movie can fit into their time slots. Hmmm, darn tv stations...

And so I waited and waited again for sleep to come knock me off. But it just slipped farther away. So I turned off the tv and stared blankly at my ceiling, unconsciously, my mind started to drift.. But it's stupid. I shouldn't be doing this drift-away thing... haha! And so I just started playing some games from my phone, at least my brain might get tired and effortlessly doze off.

I think it was already past 1am when I drifted to sleep. I was awaken by my alarm in the morning, and as expected, I turned it off and closed my eyes again until it was really time to drag myself out of bed, take a quick bath, and hurry to the office. And now, here I am, writing and entry with my head pounding and hurting like hell.

I think I'd pass on the next invitation to a night out... Darn headaches...


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