As usual I woke up late today, but I noticed something, I have a runny nose. But I didn't mind it because I was off already thinking how late I am already for work and having that annoying voice in my head telling me to linger a little more in bed.

So i took a bath and hurriedly prepared to go. Of course, as expected I arrived at a little past 9am. Good thing I have a flexible schedule, yet I still consider myself late.

First room I went to was the cafeteria, I was starving. Hmmm, oh, that's because I only had piyaya last night. :)

So I bought bread and a bottle of pepsi and took it to my office so I can already start working on something, but remembered that last night I decided to update or change something in my profile because I thought it sounded a little to harsh for other people. Anyway, so I sat down in front of my computer and was irked because the program that we tried to install yesterday which I'm supposed to be using right now for a report to be submitted this afternoon failed to be correctly installed and so I'm left with another option, that is - ask for help!

Darn nose. Now I'm sniffing and sniffing and sniffing because my nose is still a little runny; think I'm going to have colds. I really don't feel that sick but my head is now getting heavy. Uh oh... Not another few days feeling and looking sick?! And I hated colds. I used to like having coughs better because it changes my voice - makes it sound hoarse. Hehe! But this time, I think I'm going to be stuck having colds for a few days... *sigh*


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