Someone who Doesn't Exist

Someone who’ll accept me as I am, no pretensions, no changes in behavior, no changes in attitudes or personality, just as I am when I’d first meet him;

Someone who’ll accept my family as it is;

Someone who’ll accept and love my friends as they are, someone who’ll not make me stay away from my friends;

Someone who’ll understand the nature of my work and my relationships with other people and how I deal with myself, my family, my friends, my problems and blessings, how my work affects my lifestyle and my life, someone who’ll understand and support me no matter what;

Someone who’ll make me laugh when I’m happy, when I’m sad and on the verge of crying;

Someone who’ll comfort me and soothe my emotions when I’m angry or frustrated or just not in the mood to laugh;

Someone who’ll bring the smile back to my lips;

Someone who’ll tickle me until I cry because of laughing;

Someone who’ll say I’m beautiful even if I just woke up and still wearing my pajamas and haven’t brushed my teeth; someone who’ll say I’m beautiful even if I don’t have make up on, or have been in sweat or if I gained weight;

Someone who’ll stay with me even with nothing to do but just be together and stare at each other;

Someone who’ll take care of me and stay up all night when I’m sick

Someone who’ll wait and watch me fall asleep when I had a bad day;

Someone who’ll say it’s alright even if it’s not;

Someone who’d build our relationship based on a strong friendship;

Someone who’ll always tell me the truth even if it hurts;

Someone who’ll be faithful and true, not just through words but by actions; someone who’ll not cheat on me even if I’m far away and he knows that I’d never know about it unless he tells me; someone who values our relationship more than his life;

Someone who values trust in a relationship, someone who’ll never break my trust and someone that will trust me as much;

Someone that will watch the night sky with me and wish on stars, believing that it will come true;

Someone who’ll just look me in the eye and I’d know, how dearly he loves me;

Someone who values affection in a relationship;

Someone who is charming, appealing, and also physically attractive;

Someone who’s family I will also get along and be comfortable with, someone who has a great relationship with all his family members;

Someone who will be with me through thick and thin, someone who’ll be my wall when I’m on the verge of breaking down;

Someone who’ll teach me things that I don’t know about, but in a nurturing and loving way;

Someone who’ll be my guide through life’s journey;

Someone who’ll seem to be perfect, but really isn’t;

Someone who doesn’t exist.


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