The Judgment: GUILTY

Yesterday was quite a historical day for Philippines - the first time a former President was convicted for Plunder (in layman's terms, the usurpation of public funds for the politician's personal enrichment). Former President Joseph Estrada was convicted "guilty beyond reasonable doubt" on the case of plunder, while not guilty on his case on perjury (misdeclaration of his assets and liabilities in 1998). HIs co-accused Senator Jinggoy Estrada, who evidently is his son, was also acquitted and so did Atty Edwardo Serapio, one of Erap's friends.

Malaca├▒ang was simply silent about the conviction, although some of the Administration friends just can't help but comment and even flash the victory sign. Some of the avid followers of the trial were somewhat skeptic of the result of the promulgation, stating that there may have been some sort of influence from the Palace itself.

Hmmm, for me, I personally think that the justices did their job well, also thinking that they shouldn't be jeopardizing their lifetime career by some meager offers of monetary value or even assured positions as justices of the Supreme Court. I think they examined he evidences presented during the trial, and then diligently came up with the right decision. Considering the pressure from the Administration, I still believe that justice can still be served raw.

Assuming that the justices were really pressured and also gave in, I would think that it would also be a darn stupid idea to give an acquittal to the Plunder case because this will in turn result to a questionable Arroyo Administration. Let us recall that Gloria was put into position because Erap was impeached due to that plunder thing. So if they acquit Erap, Arroyo is in trouble. Simple, right? Some of the cynics I know, who by the way do not know that sometimes they do act like cynics, are now into the idea that maybe, this will work in favor of Gloria. Just imagine the effect of giving a Presidential Pardon to Erap a few months before the 2010 Elections. Hmmm, cool, right? Just imagine how the "masa" will react. Although most of them may still question the motives, still, pardon was given. This is of course, assuming that Erap will accept it. :) Now these are just fancy ideas which of course, can be true. :)

Anyway, enough of the Erap thing. I have a back ache right now and I still have tons to do in the office. I still have to do this thing regarding the suppliers and also complete my audit program for the Finance and Engineering Departments, two of the most horrid places to do audit. Hehehe... So have a nice day!


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