Logically Speaking (blogging...)

Logically speaking, or blogging in this case, if something has been around for a long time already, a person would already be used to it.

Take for example my case with my ex. For all of my readers to know, he still doesn't call me by my first name. If and when he sends me a text message, he doesn't address me by my first name - that's why I posted something previously about being careful with missent messages. What really happened was that I thought the messages were sent to me by mistake, but according to him, he just couldn't make it personal or address me as "cathy". Hmmm. Creepy. Weird. So I was wondering, why the heck couldn't he do it?

Fact is, we have broken up like what, almost six months ago, he has a girlfriend, he has his own life that's separate from mine, and still, he doesn't call me by my first name. He says he still isn't used to calling me by my name, and it sounds weird. So, let me see, if we happen to bump with each other somewhere in about 5 years, will he still call me "Psssst!" or "Huy!" 'coz he can't seem to get himself to call me "Cathy"? That's crazy. After almost six months, why can't you get yourself to call me "Cathy"? My name's not THAT bad. I don't have any other name, well except for Laine (it's Cathy Laine, FYI readers...), I have some other nickname that's far better than "huy" or "hoy", and still. Hmmmm, I'm getting kinda worked up over this, hehehe. Hey, these little things can really get annoying sometimes. I just can't find a valid reason why he can't do it. And it doesn't make me feel any better that he can't call me by my name - it's not "kilig", it's not a let's-bring-back-the-old-times moment, it's well, a I'm-thinking-like-it's-a-"Huh? What the heck?" moment. Ok, don't give me the "rose by any name would smell as sweet" crap. Those are just people who love the story of Romeo and Juliet. (I like the end of that by the way, they both die. Tragic. Hehehe.)

So if I were you, I'd really make myself get used to calling my ex-girlfriend by her first name.

I am, in fact, an ex-girlfriend. Remember?!



  1. weird nga, pero come to think of it. Medyo asiwa akong tawagin yung gf ko by her name. I would rather catch her attention by grabbing her shoulder or something.

  2. ya, asiwa kung GF mo pa... eh, EX na eh?!


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