I've been planning to create my own skin/layout for this blog, and well, I just haven't been quite inspired to do so. My creative cells are still hybernating.

Anyway, I'm still deciding on the color themes, the design itself, the links of course, 'coz I don't wanna lose some of my old posts because every once in a while I try to post something else that I try to connect to the old ones.

Hmmm, I'm actually having a migraine attack right now and I still choose to post something because when I try to construct sentence while having migraine, I find it easier and a little bit faster. Also, the click-click sounds of my typing makes me relax a bit. Darn migraines. Gives me a headache... Hehehe...

Aside from that, I'm still craving for coffee. Although I've minimized my cravings for cheesecake (Cristine now has the cheesecake craving by the way, hehe, sorry girl), I'm now into more coffee. And it's kinda driving me nuts because I don't get contented with instant coffee and buying brewed ones'll make be damn poor! Hohum.. Crazy me.

** Teresa, call me. hehehe.. **


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